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                                          Dr. Kenneth Augustus Walker

                                             Ministry Information Form 

Thank you for completing the information listed below.  Please email this form three weeks prior to the speaking engagement to Sister Junette Hatchett. Email:


Pastor/Ministry/Event Leader: _________________________________


Church/Ministry/ Event Name: _________________________________


Address: _______________________ City: _____________   State: ___ Zip Code: ______


Church Ministry/ Event Telephone Number: ______  Fax Number: _________


Contact Person:______________________       Office#____________ Cell#___________


Worship/ Event Date: _______ Worship/ Event Time: _________


Worship/ Event Location (Sanctuary or other location):  _______________


Theme and/or Purpose:  __________________________________________________


Scripture Reference (if applicable):  _________________________________________


Ministering Time(s) for Pastor Walker:  ______________________________________


Dress Attire for Worship: __________________________________________________


For Out-of-Town Traveling Only


Driver’s Name:_______________________  Contact#_________________


Hotel: ____________________ Address:___________________________


Flight/Hotel Confirmation Numbers: _____________________________________


Hotel# _____________________ 


Pick Up Time for Worship: ________________ 


Dr. Walker’s Frequent Flyer and Hotel Membership Numbers:

Delta Airlines:#2047360181  Continental Airlines:#WW833278 US Air#40055284380

Hotels: Priority Club#384324129  SPG#41145233214 Hilton#643858583 Marriott#541774543


FOOD/DRINK PREFERENCES: Baked fish, turkey, baked chicken, all veggies except
beets and Dasani or Deer Park bottled water after preaching. 

         Note:  All honorariums should be made payable to Augustus Ministries.


Atlanta GA